Testimonial – Bill & Donna Long – Arroyo Grande, CA

Testimonial – Bill & Donna Long – Arroyo Grande, CA

This is a note to thank you for all your concern and follow-up on the installation of the
Hague Water System. We moved into Arroyo Grande some four months ago and
immediately could tell that the water in this area was very hard. It also didn’t taste very
good. So … we checked into other water sources.

We had immediate service and quality information involving the reasons and benefits of
installing a complete water system throughout the house. This included, but was not limited
to: a good cup of coffee, soft skin, cleaner clothes from the washer and economical
savings on many cleaning products. We chose the Hague system because it was more
compact and designed more efficiently. We also had an excellent, knowledgeable
salesperson. Yes, it’s all true. We know first hand, it really makes a difference. And … the
real topper came when I had my dental check up recently and the dentist said my teeth were
extremely white. Other than the usual stain factors, soft water helps me keep them that way.

Now that’s a reason to smile about.

So many thanks for many more years of good health with the main safely factor in our
lives … quality water. Sincerely,

Bill and Donna Long