Testimonial – Brian & Rebecca Crist – Arroyo Grande, CA

Testimonial – Brian & Rebecca Crist – Arroyo Grande, CA


Dear Eric & Richard:

I couldn’t wait to write this letter. It has only been a month since Paul installed our Water Max
Filtration System and the Reverse Osmosis System and the difference is unbelievable!

My family and I have lived here in Arroyo Grande since 1997. Nowhere on the central coast is
the water very good to the taste or feel but here in Arroyo Grande, the water seemed to have
worsened just over the past year. We replaced our old dishwasher because the dishes were
becoming etched. At first this seemed to do the trick but within about a month, our new dishes
began to etch again. After contacting our appliance dealer, he stated that we needed to add some
kind of chemical every month or so to help this from happening. More chemicals are the last
thing I wanted to add to our healthy life style. We called the city about the hard water and they
informed us that it was around 19 gpg. Our dishwasher manual says anything more than 13 gpg
is difficult to achieve good results with any dishwasher. It then states a water softener maybe
necessary to improve water quality, detergent effectiveness and protect the dishwasher parts from
the damage that hard water can cause. With five children, the last thing I wanted to do is waste
money replacing parts or appliances.

We are very happy with our purchase. The soaps and cleaning products were just a bonus that we
now recognize as essential to our budget and lifestyle. Everything is cleaner, brighter, shinier,
and tastier. Thanks for your system; we will never go without it, even if we move.

Now call me Tim “the Tool Man” Taylor but when I invest in my healthy life style, I only want
the best. I asked a much respected gentleman I know that does everything with water except
water softening systems and he said Hague Quality Water was by far the best. I called and Eric
responded immediately and showed us in detail what we have been showering with, drinking with
and exposed to. Not a pretty sight or thought. Now I grew up with water softening system, so I
was already sold on the idea but Eric, very professionally, explained the huge differences between
his system and the ones we most know about. There truly is no comparison.

With seven people in our household, we go through enormous amounts of drinking water.
Because our water was so bad, we purchased bottled water. Eric simply showed us the cost
effectiveness on the RIO system compared to purchasing the water and it was a “no brainer” let
alone that bottled water is not as good as everyone thinks.


Brian, Rebecca, Kamron, Kylie, Kelsey, Dane and Woody Crist