Testimonial Marco & Lisa Cristerna Los Osos, CA

Testimonial Marco & Lisa Cristerna Los Osos, CA

Dear Richard,

We were so happy with our reverse osmosis system. We have had the
water system for 3 months and I can honestly say that I havent had a
single problem with it Yet. I know at first we were skeptical to purchase
the water system because of the price but it has already proved to be a
money saver and time sever since We no longer have to go and buy
water from a store which was a waste of money and gas. I was also impressed
by how fast the water system was installed in and how professional the
installer was.

The quality of the water is great and I have noticed that since we
purchased the water system that the overall health of my family has

I would recommend the water system to any one looking into a water
treatment system. My entire family is extremely happy with the quality
of the water and how convenient it is to have the reverse osmosis
system at our home.


Marco and Lisa Cristerna