Testimonial Eveyln Diaz Los Osos, CA

Testimonial Eveyln Diaz Los Osos, CA

Dear Eric,

We had been living with the water the way it was our whole lives. Within the
first week after having our system installed we noticed dramatic differences in our water.
My husband has always had dry itchy scalp but since we fixed the water his scalp has
dramatically improved.

We both noticed our skin is much softer. I always do my dish washing by hand. I had
always thought it was normal for my skin to feel tight after I washed dishes, like if I
made a fist. But since we had the Hague system installed my skin feels smoother and
softer after I do my dishes.

We use so little soap now and everything comes out better. The oatmeal bars are
great, we love the shampoo and hand dish washing soap. The soap package is great.

I now realize that because I put up with the bad water all my life I had perceived
that as normal. We are very grateful to Eric and Hague Quality Water for showing us
how we can have much better water and actually save the money we have been wasting
on expensive soaps and cleaning products.

We highly recommend Hague Quality Water to everyone. The professionalism
and integrity of the company has surpassed what we had expected. Eric followed up with
us several times to make sure everything was working properly and that we were happy.
This extra effort is the added personal touch that we can really appreciate in today’s fast
paced world.


Evelyn Diaz