Testimonial Joseph Freedman Los Osos, CA

Testimonial Joseph Freedman Los Osos, CA

We have had our water treatment equipment installed for about
a month now and are really pleased with its performance. The
drinks made with the treated water taste so much better with
only the taste of the added ingredients affecting the flavor.
Even our dog eats his food mixed with water with what could be
called more enjoyment.

I guess calling it treated is not really accurate as the equipment
actually removes things that have been added to the water to
treat it so that it is usable to the general public and your
equipment de-treats it.

When washing, bathing or shampooing the results are far
superior to the old hard water feel. Just knowing all the scum is
not left on the body is pleasing. The shower walls and tubs stay
clean without all the elbow grease usually required to clean the

With our advancing age it is important what is put in the body
and I know that there are now not a lot of chemicals being

When washing clothes or dishes there is no need for all the
softeners which may be a large part of the cost of the soaps
used in the clothes and dish washers. The clothes come out
softer and the dishes still sparkle. :

I like to keep my cars clean and it is not as much work now that I
wash with softer water. I don’t have to immediately towel off the
cars before the water dries and leaves chemical stains on the
body and windows.

Joseph Freedman