Testimonial Ed & Susan Chandler Los Osos, CA

Testimonial Ed & Susan Chandler Los Osos, CA

To Whom It May Concern:

When we moved to Los Osos, Ed, my husband knew how bad the
water quality was. I didn’t and merrily drank and cooked with the
water! I began having problems with my gut but Ed used bottled
water and wasn’t having any problems.

When we went to the home show in Paso Robles, we met Carol at
the Hague booth. Your system looked like a good idea to us because
there are three filters in the tank versus other systems with only one.
Then to top it off, there is the under sink filter with ultra violet light to
purify the drinking water!

We knew when we had the presentation that The Hague Water
System would work very well for us. We also like the portability
option to take it with us if we moved to a different house!

The quality of our water is much superior to the local water. I carry
the water bottle with me all the time. The laundry detergent that
came with the system works well. The clothes seem much softer and
cleaner. And we enjoy the shower now as the water feels so nice
and our skin is not as dry as it was. It was well worth the cost.


Susan and Ed Chandler