Testimonial David Carroll Los Osos, CA

Testimonial David Carroll Los Osos, CA


I have really enjoyed my new soft water and R.O. systems.

I was always skeptical of soft water systems. Growing up in San Luis Obispo I never had an issue
with my water. Not that the water was soft or tasted great but it was better (in my mind) than
other towns around. I recently moved to Atascadero and have experienced first had what hard
water is. I was shocked how different the water was from my last house. I needed to find a
solution and fast!

Diana spent the time to show me all the benefits of soft water and answer all of my questions. She
was even patience with me to give me time to think it over and research Hague.

My new Hague Water System is very quite; the system only took a couple of days to soften the
water. I have noticed a difference in the shower, my clothes and dishes are cleaner; my skin is
softer and not so dry. (The soap really does sud up better!) I’m also very pleased with the reverse
Osmosis for my drinking water (much healthier & tastier).

I would recommend Hague Quality Water to anyone that is considering a soft water system.

David Carroll