Testimonial Logan Hill Paso Robles, CA

Testimonial Logan Hill Paso Robles, CA

Dear Bruce and Bill,

First of all, thank you for your consummate attention to great customer service! You continue to treat me like I am your only customer. I know I’m in good hands when Bruce and Bill are near!

Thank you for my AWESOME water purification system! It truly is an awesome water system; me, my friends and my family all notice how fabulous our water is!

Just for starters, my husband and I have noticeably softer hair and clearer skin. The water in our area has always been a problem for me. I’ve had other water softeners and none of them helped my dry, irritated skin. Within two days of showering with Hague water, my skin was completely soft and clear. Not only does my skin feel great, but our food tastes better and our water tastes like it came from the freshest, clearest natural water source ever!

As if those things aren’t enough, the best thing about our Hague water system is peace of mind. I know that I’m not subject to any microbial, inorganic and organic chemical contaminants, chlorine, pesticides, etc. that might be in the city water. I recently read the 2001 Water Quality Report issued by the City of Paso Robles Water Division. It was very interesting reading. Perhaps the most interesting part of it was the section that listed items ‘Expected to be in Drinking Water’. The expected items are some of the ones I listed above. I personally feel safe knowing that my Hague water system is protecting me from what I can’t see.

Thank you again for sharing the Hague water system with me. I feel extremely fortunate for being introduced to the ultimate in water quality! I highly recommend this system to anyone who cares about their health!

I love my Hague water system!


Logan Hill