Testimonial Chris Holliday Paso Robles, CA

Testimonial Chris Holliday Paso Robles, CA

To Whom It May Concern:

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much I have enjoyed having The Hague
Watermax System. The benefits are obvious immediately. Most importantly for me is
that I use a minimum of hand and body lotion now. I used to go through an eight ounce
jar of lotion at least once a week. I also had special medicated creams which I had to use
to alleviate my itchy and extremely dry skin. Now, should I have to, I can even go
without body lotion after I shower. That would have never happened previously.

I can also wash my hands or dishes now, without running immediately for the hand

Oddly, I did not invest in this system for the benefits I have just mentioned. I was simply
tired of fighting the mineral deposits on my new kitchen and bathroom fixtures and
appliances. They were all being ruined.

And of course I could not drink the city water. Now I can drink from the tap, enjoy the
taste and know that it is not full of harmful particles. Not having to drag bottled water
into the house is such a big plus.

Lastly the service has been perfect. I have had questions and some concerns, all of which
have been addressed quickly and courteously. A visit from a Hague representative is
always a pleasure and each time I learn something more about how to work the system to
best advantage.

In summary I feel that I made a good investment and would highly recommend the
system to anyone who has experienced similar problems.


Chris Holliday