Testimonial Clifton Kerns Paso Robles, CA

Testimonial Clifton Kerns Paso Robles, CA

Dear Bill,

My wife and I moved into our new home in Paso Robles in December 2002 and were, of
course, very excited – that is, with one major exception, the Paso water! Having an
extensive background with industrial water purification systems I didn’t need to take a
sample of our water to the lab to analyze the water for mineral and chemical
contaminants since the smell of chlorine was so strong and we had to wipe the faucets
each time we ran water due the plate out of minerals in the water.

Worse, our one hundred pound dog immediately began to vomit allover our brand new
and expensive carpet as soon as he was given the tap water here to drink. Imagine our
first day in our new home cleaning up dog vomit and wiping sinks, faucets, shower
doors, and everything else the water touched in our home.

We temporarily put the dog on bottled water and he quit chucking nasty yellow bile all
over! And everything, including us, smelled like we had been bleached in the washing

I didn’t need any persuasion to have you install a Hague water system in our home. I
know, based on years of experience, that chlorine is dangerous in high concentrations
and is, at best, corrosive in low concentrations. Every one of our new appliances, the
water heater, and our health was at risk if all we had to consider was the chlorination.

But I also know that the potential for ground water contamination is very high, primarily
due to hydrocarbons and chemical run off leaching into the ground water system. I
didn’t want to just “soften” our water – I wanted it pure, as it should be and must be!

Since the Installation of our Hague system the dog gets tap water. Jake drinks a lot of
water, at least a gallon a day, and he is doing just fine!

Finally, one last note about the Hague water purification system mechanics. There is
minimal water pressure drop through the system. How important is that? Well, stand in
a nice warm shower and have someone flush a toilet! I am just as impressed with the
engineering involved in this system as I am with its purification abilities! The water
purification systems that I work with cost into the millions of dollars per unit and the
Hague water system is very comparable to these systems. The difference is volume not
quality or technology.


Clifton Kerns