Testimonial Mike & Bonnie Locke Paso Robles, CA

Testimonial Mike & Bonnie Locke Paso Robles, CA

Just recently we moved to the Paso area and immediately started searching for a cure for the hard water. We grew tired of Culligan dropping off bags of salt, wondering if it would ever work.

One afternoon at the local mid-state fair we came upon your representative, Dan, who was quite knowledgeable. He set up an appointment and we had your product installed within two weeks. Hague brought all kinds soaps for us to
use. My skin does seem softer, no more dry itchy skin after showering. We were impressed with how all the equipment was installed in one day. Our doggies now have much softer coats after being shampooed with the nice soft water.

We are hoping this will add years on to our new appliances. The water is pleasant tasting and my clothes are softer. Also, we do not have as many water spots on those shower doors. We look forward to experiencing the fresh natural water from our Hague Quality Water filters.

Thank you,

Bonnie and Mike Locke