Testimonial Leon & Cheryl Hayes Paso Robles, CA

Testimonial Leon & Cheryl Hayes Paso Robles, CA


Leon and I want to tell you how much we enjoy our new Hague Watermax
system. When we stopped at your booth at the California Mid State Fair, we
knew that our current water softening system was old and needed to be
replaced. What we didn’t realize, until we got our new system, was that our old
system wasn’t working at all.

Since the installation of our new Hague Quality Water system, we have realized
what we were missing. Everything feels soft again. Our hair and skin are smooth
after taking showers, we now use lotions and oils minimally, and we are once
again enjoying the results of doing laundry; our towels come out soft and fluffy,
our clothes seem much cleaner, and we use a lot less soap product. Other
noticeable changes include a markedly decrease in soap build up in the showers,
which makes cleaning much easier, thanks for that. Our dishes come out cleaner
and without spots, and I’ve been able to stop using supplemental products such
as “Lemi Shine”.

Although the Hague system was more expensive than other water softening
systems, we made the decision to purchase Hague’s Watermax system because
of the quality of the product, and the confidence that you and your company
would stand behind your product. We are very happy with our purchase, and
would gladly recommend the system to others.


Leon and Cheryl Hayes