Testimonial Krista A. Fahy Santa Barbara, CA

Testimonial Krista A. Fahy Santa Barbara, CA

Dear Richard,

I am writing in follow up to my recent purchase of the Hague Watermax System. As you may remember, I was the skeptic who was convinced any in-home free
water test would be a scam. I researched our city municipal water quality stats and then waited to see if you would try and ‘elevate’ the levels to scare us. Needless to say I was
wrong. Your water testing procedure was informative, accurate and even fun.

Your product is unique and of the highest quality. I spent a great deal of time on the internet trying to find similar products or companies that offer a system like this. Not
only couldn’t I find it for less money, I couldn’t even find a comparable system. Thank you for being patient with my need to make sure I was getting the best deal.

Most of all I would like to commend you on your professionalism and competence. I was quite surprised when you personally showed up to install the system.
The installation job is top notch – very unobtrusive and elegantly plumbed! You were very thorough in your explanation of how the system works and needs to be maintained.

Our Hague Watermax System has been in place for 4 months now. The most impressive results include a complete lack of spotting on dishes and glasses, no scale
in the shower and toilet, the lack of the chlorine smell, and not having to use much laundry detergent to get clothes clean. With the current research being done on the detrimental
effects of chlorinated water and the byproducts of the chlorination process, I feel that this system is protecting the health of everyone I live with.

Thank you for introducing me to a product that is of high quality and value.

Best regards,

Krista A. Fahy