Testimonial Maggie McMillan Santa Barbara, CA

Testimonial Maggie McMillan Santa Barbara, CA

Dear Eric,

Per your request / bribery, here is the one month testimonial about our new Hague
water system. I’m happy to report that the system has been awesome! I am so glad to
have the chlorine out of our water, especially from our showers. I’m not sure if I should
credit that or the newly softened water, but our skin and hair are softer than ever. I’ve
even noticed that I’m losing a lot less hair when I wash it (good selling point for any
potentially balding customers), and my hair is lighter and fluffier. I am disappointed that
I haven’t lost any weight yet, but perhaps that will come in due time.

I haven’t noticed the clothes coming out cleaner than before, but they, too, are
noticeably softer. Our glassware that had turned milky from years of hard water are
even starting to lighten up a bit, although I doubt they will ever look like new. At least
our newer glasses will stay looking nice for a change!

I think we’ve only gone through one re-generation cycle thus far (we don’t use much
water). One day Steve had unplugged the system for one reason or another, then took
a shower and got hard water. Does that make any sense to you? I took one right after
him and it was fine, so I’m not sure what was up with that. I’ll ask him to not unplug it in
the future.

The installer, Paul, did a fine job once I convinced him that I wanted it the way I wanted
it. A couple of pipes running along the front looks infinitely better to me than having the
units right by my front door! He also told me that using potassium instead of salt would
leave the water feeling exactly as hard as before. Please let him know that simply is
untrue and it is as slippery as one would expect.

I installed the new reverse osmosis membrane and filter that you supplied. The drinking
water tastes different but is fine. Our particulate measurement was about 60 after the
installation – so not as low as you indicated it should be, but as long as it’s under 100
I’m fine with it.

Overall we are extremely pleased with the system and are happy to provide our names
as references. Thanks again for your services.

Maggie McMillan