Testimonial Gary Politte Santa Barbara, CA

Testimonial Gary Politte Santa Barbara, CA

Dear Eric and Company,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much I am enjoying your water treatment system. it has been about 6 months since the system was installed here on my property. As your records will show, I purchased the Waterman C2AMQ softener and the H3500 Reverse Osmosis system with Ultra violet sanitizer and booster pump. I was looking for a way to correct the incredible hardness and light sulfur aroma of my well water here on the property in Santa Ynez.

Your initial testing of my water was as thorough and accurate as any I’ve seen. The. pleasure of the actual purchase began with the fast, clean and professional installation of the system. Your installer
was proactive in configuring the system to allow me the option to fill my Spa with either filtered or unfiltered water, and all the plumbing work was carried out with the utmost skill. As a professional home builder, I can recognize and appreciate first rate retro-fitting work.

I like that your water conditioning unit is two stage, and I particularly like that the media in the primary tank can be custom configured to address an assortment of site specific water purification
needs. I have experienced “slimy” soft water using previous systems I’ve owned, along with frequent maintenance and upkeep problems with those other systems. I was very pleased to discover that your system has virtually no moving parts, has over sized internal water valves, and was totally adjustable to get just the right balance between water conditioning and water “feel”. All my house guests report how much they enjoy my baths and shower, and cannot believe that the water is conditioned.

The Reverse Osmosis system works great. Even when a minor installation glitch showed up, your service man was on the scene quickly and made the necessary adjustments to get it functioning correctly. The Ultraviolet unit is cutting edge water sanitation, and just adds to the peace of mind and water quality the system provides.

All in all I must admit that though the system is somewhat more expensive upfront than many lesser systems, the value and quality it has provided over time has reassured me that it was the better buy
than any of the other conditioning systems I have seen or owned.

My thanks again for providing a great product, and please feel free to use me as a reference, I heartily recommend your system to anyone who asks, and would be happy to discuss my experience with any
of your prospective buyers.

Gary Politte