Testimonial Bobby & Chantal Guy Santa Margarita, CA

Testimonial Bobby & Chantal Guy Santa Margarita, CA

Dear Eric and Staff:

We would like to thank everyone at Hague for making the purchase of our new WaterMax system and RO a great experience. From Eric’s thorough presentation of the quality of our water to the attention to detail and quality craftsmanship of the installation team, we have been more than impressed with the customer service that we received from Hague.

We were tired of having poor quality hard water and after owning our home for five years we were excited to finally get a quality water system. The Hague system came highly recommended from a family friend. Even after Eric’s wonderful and informative presentation, we were very hopeful, but maybe a still a little leery, that it would perform to our standards. The WaterMax system has exceeded our expectations, we could not be happier with our new water!

One of our main complaints with our water was the harsh smell and taste. We used a Brita filter for our drinking water, and although it helped, it still retained a chemical taste. In the shower there was always an overwhelming smell of chlorine and the water took its toll on our skin and hair. Chantal’s hair always had a subtle chlorine smell and there was a bottle of lotion in every room in our house because of having such severely dried out skin.

We really noticed how bad our water was when it came to washing dark colors in our laundry. There was always a “scummy film” left on our darks and even adding an extra rinse cycle would not help. We have an energy efficient washing machine and having to run an extra rinse cycle and use extra soap really defeated the purpose of trying to be more environmentally conscious.

Now that our new system is installed, we no longer have these issues with our water! Our skin and hair are soft and smell great. We do not have to use as much lotion and products on our hair and the chlorine smell is completely gone. The most noticeable change was with our laundry. Dark loads come out completely clean, with no extra rinses needed and it even smells cleaner. We didn’t realize that we would notice it in other places too. The dishes in the dishwasher come out spotless now. We are using less cleaning products and everything is getting cleaner. And we don’t have the mineral deposits around our sink and shower fixtures like before. Everything just looks cleaner.

We are completely satisfied with our new system and will never go back to the old way. Thank you to your entire team for helping us start 2010 with healthier, clean water.

Best Regards,

Bobby and Chantal Guy