Testimonial Katherine Kimball San Luis Obispo, CA

Testimonial Katherine Kimball San Luis Obispo, CA

Dear Richard,

I just wanted to write and let you know how much I like my new Watermax filtration
system and the RO drinking water system. The systems were installed about one month
ago. From the beginning, the project has been a very pleasant experience. Your installer,
Paul, was wonderful to work with and so willing to make customizations necessary to
provide a filtered and non-filtered faucet in the front and back of the house and
plumbing changes to bypass the automatic sprinkler system.

The things that I have noticed since the system was installed are softer clothing, less lint
in the dryer screen, my skin is softer and I use less body and hand lotion.

The RIO system is so wonderful. I was using a carbon filter attached to the kitchen sink
for drinking water for several years. As you demonstrated, this system did nothing more
than remove the chlorine taste from the water. The water from the RIO system tastes
wonderful. I drink a lot of water so I really appreciate the sweet taste that water is
supposed to have.

I also have a dog with severe skin allergies. I bathe her weekly in the bathtub with the
filtered water and the soap rinses out much more easily, her coat is softer and I think
her allergy symptoms have lessened. I also give her the drinking water from the RO
system. It may sound silly but I think she likes the taste much better too because she
drinks more water than ever.

And lastly, I really like the cleaning and soap products that came with the system. I have
used high quality, concentrated products like these for years. But the water system
allows the products to work extremely well with a very small amount.

Again, thank you for your systems and products. It was a joy to do business with you.
My family and I moved to San Luis Obispo when I was a child over 30 years and I only
wish we had had an opportunity to see the value and use of a water filtration like yours


Katherine Kimball