Testimonial Evelyn Spencer San Luis Obispo, CA

Testimonial Evelyn Spencer San Luis Obispo, CA

Dear Eric and Richard:

I am so delighted to write to you to give you a well-earned recommendation on
the Hague quality Water Company and your professional performance and
promoting good health and well being.

I have had water softener for years and recently a reverse Osmosis system, so
when I purchased the Hague Quality Water System, I didn’t realize how much I really
needed its service. After using the system tor little more than one month, I really
appreciate my clear, clean and pure water. I can see, feel and taste the difference in my
water now. The generous supply of soap products that comes with the Hague Water
System is of excellent quality and so economical also, since so little is used for great

I can’t begin to thank you for such a great product and the great service it
provides. I really appreciate your patience at explaining how the system works; it’s so
wonderful in this day and age tor such an excellent service to be provided.


Evelyn Spencer