Testimonial Sven & Jane Markoff San Luis Obispo, CA

Testimonial Sven & Jane Markoff San Luis Obispo, CA

To Whom It May Concern:

RE: Hague Water Treatment Systems

We had only lived in San Luis Obispo for several months when we
noticed that whenever the lawn sprinklers happened to sprinkle a car in the
driveway, there would be a whitish, finely granular deposit left from each
drop – which would NOT come off.

At times one could see fine – whitish material in the water. Inside the
home, the same deposits as those seen on the cars were noticed on the sink,
fixtures, and counter tops. Rings of deposit could even be seen in the
glasses. We KNEW something had to be done.

We had briefly heard about Hague Water Treatment Systems, and
then one of the prominent kitchen appliance stores in San Luis Obispo
(Appliance Central) strongly recommended it. Based on that, we asked a
Hague rep. to come out and tell us more.

The representative (Dan) presented definite, logical reasons to have
the water treated. Although we usually always shop around to compare all
systems on the market, we decided to take advantage of the pricing discounts
and ordered the Hague system on the spot, primarily based on the strong
recommendation of the appliance store. PLUS … the representative had a
testimonial letter from a local dentist who had held of on the initial purchase
in order to compare everything, he and his wife decided on a Hague System.
We have subsequently found that another prominent local kitchen
appliance store recommends Hague (M.B. Appliance), making two stores total.

Hague has been very cooperative in accommodating all of our wishes,
including the relocation of a soft water faucet in our garage, for the washing
of cars.

Since purchasing the Hague system over 6 weeks ago, we have
noticed a marked difference in our water. There are no longer spots on the
mirrors and dishes that cannot be wiped off. No more rings in glasses, we
use considerably less soap, and notice a significant improvement in the
skin of our hands.

In all, we strongly recommend the Hague Water Treatment System!


Sven (& Jane) Markoff M.D.