Testimonial Jamie & Tania Escovar San Miguel, CA

Testimonial Jamie & Tania Escovar San Miguel, CA

Dear Dan:

Not long before finding Hague Quality Water of Los Osos (Hague), we had received a water report for our area but found it incomprehensible. Of course, we were assured that our water was just fine. We had only a basic water softener but all of our drinking and cooking water was bottled. Despite the concern we had with the quality of our water, we were dragging our feet to rectify the problem. Hague caught Tania’s attention at the Mid-State Fair primarily because of their gift drawing. When the follow-up call came, we were quite reluctant to schedule an appointment presuming we could not afford a system. However, the idea of testing our home water for free moved us to endure a sales pitch.

We made it clear at the start that we had strict financial limitations with three children and only Jaime’s income. We truly appreciated that you heard us and worked within our expressed needs and abilities. In reality, we got to have our water test without a big sales pitch. In addition, the financial options offered to us were quite fair. Installation was very timely and the service was friendly and informative.

Now, as we shared with you, Tania has a particularly keen sense of taste and smell, and this has been our non-scientific gauge in water. Approximately four days after installation, there was a marked improvement in both the taste and smell of our water and it has only gotten better. Without hesitation, we have discontinued buying and transporting 2-gallon jugs of water home and we never run out! We have encountered no bumps along this road and have found ourselves just where we wanted to be: Our drinking water has no smell and it tastes clean and pure. Finally, no more bottled water!


Jaime and Tania Escovar