Testimonial Jim & Lucy Springmeyer Templeton, CA

Testimonial Jim & Lucy Springmeyer Templeton, CA

Mr. Foronjy,

We’re offering this recommendation as an endorsement of not only the Haque Water
Quality product, but also the Foronjy franchise. Together you comprise an awesome
product team characterized by quality, service and integrity.

My wife and I purchased the Hague Water and Reverse Osmosis System in early March
2006. We were introduced to your system by Helene, who provided sensibly persuasive
reasons to talk with Eric, who provided a credible demonstration of the ‘state of our
water,’ and subsequently sold us the system. Eric’s sales approach was straightforward
and professional, no pressure, no snake oil; it just made sense. Eric’s sale was promptly
followed by a post-installation call to verify satisfaction. Paul installed the system. What
a happy experience. Paul was very personable, informative and professional. He
efficiently adapted the installation to our existing plumbing impediments, and left the
final configuration adaptable to future plumbing needs exclusive of the Hague system.
Paul is a class act. Three months after installation Helene called to make an appointment
to measure and verify system efficiency. I’m writing this recommendation in advance of
Helene’s measurements and verification with full confidence that measurements will be
objective, accurate, and positive. This position is based on our personal observations,
measurements and experience of total satisfaction.

And that brings us to the system. We live in an area with very hard water. Because the
water is ground source, a substantial amount of chlorine is added. The Hague Water
system has reduced calcium and chlorides to the extent that showers are quicker and
cleaner, skin feels better (no more flakes), hair is softer; crystal glasses and stainless steel
pans survive the dishwasher; and clothes dry with a 70% reduction of lint in the filter.
The jewel of the system, for us, is the RO subsystem. Steamed and boiled vegetables
retain color and flavor, calcium rings are gone, and the water tastes so good. No more
bottled water. Three months of experience and data is insufficient to do a credible cost­
benefit/payback analysis of the total system, but I will say that just the elimination of
bottled water pays back half the system cost in 10 years. Irrespective of cost payback,
there’s a quality of life issue that substantiates the system with comfort, taste, and health.
Can’t lose.


Jim and Lucy Springmeyer