Testimonial Karen Cook Templeton, CA

Testimonial Karen Cook Templeton, CA

Dear Richard.

I am writing to let you know how very pleased we are with our new Hague WaterMax system.

When we moved here several months ago. we were extremely disappointed with the quality of
water coming out of our taps. When I say “extremely”, that’s putting it mildly. Our water was
exceptionally hard. smelled dirty. tasted horrible. and was very harsh on our skin–my skin in
particular, as I have a problem with exema. Our dishes came out of the dishwasher looking
cloudy and full of hard water stains. and there was a perpetual film all over our silverware.

Since we’ve had our Hague water system. we’ve all noticed a huge change in the quality of our
water. It has virtually no smell and tastes wonderful. Our hair and skin feels softer after
showering. and I use way less lotion on my skin than I used to need. We’ve noticed a significant
difference in the amount of soap we need to use for our laundry. the dishwasher. hand-washing
dishes. and even shampoo. and hand soap. We know we are saving a lot of money in this regard.
Our dishes are coming out of the dishwasher looking much better. By the way. before I forget to
tell YOLi. we love all of the cleaning products that came with our system

Housecleaning has become easier. too. especially in the bathrooms. My cleaning girl even
remarked how much easier it is for her to clean the glass shower doors’ now that they are not
covered with major hard water spots.

One of the biggest pluses in having our Hague system is the peace of mind we have knowing that
we have done our very best for our family. When I think of the dirty. contaminated water we
were ingesting and using to “clean” our skin before. it makes me almost ill. Now we know we
have clean, pure, SAFE, quality water! Thank you so much for everything.

Karen Cook