Testimonial Tim & Coleen Bojorquez Templeton, CA

Testimonial Tim & Coleen Bojorquez Templeton, CA

Dear Eric,

I wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you for coming into my family’s home and
showing us the benefits of the Hague water purification system. I had been looking at
water softeners and reverse osmosis systems for over a year. I did research on the
internet and also saw many different vendors at various home and garden shows. It was a
very easy decision to choose the Hague system after seeing the difference it could make
in my own home. Your quality of service and knowledge of the products was second to

Just in the short time that we have been using our Hague system, we have noticed a big
difference. My family’s skin is soft and smooth and is not dry. Our glassware and dishes
are now cleaner than they have ever been. We use less soap, shampoo, laundry detergent,
and dish washing soap. We also can tell a difference in our shower heads and faucets as
they don’t shoot water everywhere now. Also our R.O. system has the best tasting water
and since my family drinks a lot of water, it is nice to have water that is enjoyable to

Our house is just over 1.5 years old now. To see the damage that the hard water was
doing to our home was hard to witness. I knew that we had hard water in the Templeton
area, but after seeing the results of the tests that you performed, it was unbelievable how
hard it really was. I now have one less thing to worry about knowing that our home’s
pipes, fixtures and appliances will no longer be subject to an early death.

I would also like to thank you for the quality and craftsmanship that was done on the
installation of the water system. Within a few short hours, the technician had the entire
system including the R.O. installed and functioning as expected. It was unbelievable. He
even put in a water faucet in my garage to hook a hose to so that I can wash my cars and
motorcycles with our soft water. I am now the envy of all my friends.

Thank you very much for everything.


Tim, Colleen and Curran Bojorquez