Testimonial Dick & Jan Douglass Paso Robles, CA

Testimonial Dick & Jan Douglass Paso Robles, CA

Mr. Bruce Rapp

I work for a large company that follows “Company Values”. We value Customers. We value
Innovation, We value Integrity. We value Teamwork. We value Accountability, and We value
Each And Every Associate, , have found that your company shares these same values, and it is a
pleasure being your customer.

We moved from Santa Barbara to Paso Robles In late 2003 into a newly constructed 2900 square
foot house with some problems in the plumbing. Once we started the process to install the
WATERMAX 63BEQ, and H3000RO, and the monitor and UV Light, we discovered even more
problems. Your company discovered the problems, helped resolve the problems with the builder
and provided us with the best service we could have imagined.

Your product is superior to the Culligan Water Softener we had in Santa Barbara, You service is
the best!!! The water is Fantastic,

I could go on and on, But, here is my offer to you. Tell your customers if they have a question
about your system or company to call me and I’ll tell them first hand how GREAT you are.

Thank you for everything.

Dick and Jan Douglass