Testimonial Joan Dunaway Paso Robles, CA

Testimonial Joan Dunaway Paso Robles, CA

Dear Richard:

Ahh, the simple pleasures in life! I love my new water.

My Hague Watermax system and RIO system are working fine, and boy, am I ever enjoying the results.

As I’m sure you will agree, they are not inexpensive, but assuming that they are as durable as you say, and that you stand behind your wonderful warranty, they will prove to be an excellent investment in my “quality of life” for years to come. Your hard sell was a bit irksome (that is a hot button or mine), but the water is well worth it.

Also, the installation technicians are definitely worth mentioning! Greg and Paul (if I remember their names correctly) both were professional, efficient, thorough and even nice on top of that, providing all the explanations and things that I needed. I have great confidence in the work they did, and they are a real asset to your business.


Joan Dunaway