Testimonial Chris & Sally Crescioli Paso Robles, CA

Testimonial Chris & Sally Crescioli Paso Robles, CA

Dear Eric,

We are very pleased with our whole house water system. Your company has
helped improve my families’ quality of life by giving us a water supply that
we are confident with. Getting rid of the chlorine and other organics, and
then softening the water makes such difference in everything we use water
for, we love it!

I was particularly happy to throwaway the Brita filter pitcher and have as
much drinking water from the RO system as I need. The taste and freshness
can’t be beat.

I also want to commend your installer for doing such a clean and
professional job. He ran an extra line to the backyard so the automatic
sprinkler system can use bypassed water. He gave us 2 faucets in both front
and back, one with soft water and one without for the plants. The water and
drain lines are well hidden and will enhance the resale value of my house.

I will highly recommend the Hague system to anyone interested in
improving the quality of the most important thing that sustains our lives,

Chris and Sally Crescioli