Testimonial The Biehle Family Paso Robles, CA

Testimonial The Biehle Family Paso Robles, CA

Dear Hague,

We just wanted to take a moment to tell you how WONDERFUL your product
has turned out to be! Our new Maximizer has made a world of difference in our house.
Even before meeting your representative Diane, we knew we had terribly hard water in
our new home because it was evident in both our toilets and our dishwasher …. Dishes
always had a hazy white coating and never appeared clean, and our toilets were getting a
permanent ring despite constant cleaning, bleaching and expensive softening tablets that
we were constantly putting in the tanks. However, we had no idea just how bad it actually
was until about a week after our Hague system was installed! The difference in
everything was remarkable! Not only did we suddenly have lovely, shiny, clean dishes
again, but our clothes were softer, my hair had way more volume, and our skin was softer
and clearer! After moving into our home I started noticing my skin wasn’t as clear as it
had been, but I had always assumed it was due to being a new mother and lack of sleep.
Apparently it was our water …. And Hague solved that problem! Even my sister
commented on how much better her skin and hair feel when she stays with us, and she
didn’t even know we had done anything special to our water – that was just a blind

When Diane tested our water and made her presentation of the product, I was
skeptical. I assumed it was like any other sales pitch – the problems were exaggerated as
well as the benefits of the product. I was WRONG. The quality of water is drastically
improved, and we really do use far less soap products. I use about one forth of what I was
using before. I also love that I also love the fact that bubble baths actually have bubbles
now! !! Before Hague, it was impossible to take a bubble bath in our house. I would use
half a bottle of bubble bath only to get soapy water with sparse, tiny, murky bubbles.
Now I use a capful and get an entire full of bubbles! I’m still amazed at the difference it
makes! Plus, our laundry really is softer and I find so much less lint in our lint trap. I
really do believe that our new Hague water is actually giving our clothing a longer life

I would also like to mention how pleasantly surprised we have been at how long it
takes the system to run through the salt. In my previous home I had a standard water
softener, and I had to replace the salt about once a month. We have had our Hague
system for over 3 months now and we do still not need to add salt. Your company has
provided an amazing product and fantastic customer service as well. Diana was
incredibly helpful in helping us decide what system we needed, and what financially
made the most sense for us. Your water system has made us believers, and we plan on
going with Hague for everything in the future. We’re looking forward to purchasing a
Hague RO system when we can afford it, and look forward to trying out your cleansing
products as well! I recommend Hague to anyone that mentions they have hard water!! !

Thank you so much for improving our quality of living in so many little ways!


The Biehle Family