Testimonial Ron & Pat Castillo Paso Robles, CA

Testimonial Ron & Pat Castillo Paso Robles, CA

To Whom It May Concern:

Since we’ve had The Hague Quality water system in our home our skin is softer and I don’t have to use fabric
softener on our clothes.

Before we got The Hague water system I wasn’t able to drink the water we had. With this system it’s so nice to
go to the faucet and get water and know it’s going to be good.

I did an experiment with regular water and Hague water. I boiled the regular water for ten minutes, took it off
the stove and let it sit for a while. When I poured the regular water out you could see the white rings from
calcium. I did the same experiment with Hague water. When I poured that water out the pan was clear.

I’ve noticed my shower doors don’t have those terrible water spots anymore. I also use the water in my fish
tank. This water should help our pipes and water heater.

The sales people were very helpful and friendly, I feel this is a worth while investment.


Ron and Pat Castillo