Testimonial George Baldovino Paso Robles, CA

Testimonial George Baldovino Paso Robles, CA

Dear Mr. Allen:

My wife and I recently purchased the Hague WaterMax System from you and thought that we
would write to you and let you know how happy we are with the system.

We purchased our-home-about 6 months ago and since then we have discovered that the
water quality in our area is not the best that we’ve seen. As a matter of fact, I think it’s the
hardest water that we have ever encountered.

For example, the house came with a top of the line automatic dishwasher,. but no matter what
my wife tried, the dishes always came out white. White as in caked with dried mineral
deposits. My wife was so disgusted with the results that she was getting from the dishwasher,
she ended up using it only as a dish rack. But since the WaterMax has been installed, the
dishes have been coming out crystal clear.

She has discovered other things around the house that has made her extremely happy with
our purchase. First, she doesn’t have to use as much detergent when washing clothes. She
tells me she’s using about half as much that she used previously. Having 2 young boys in the
family, the bathtub consistently had a noticeable ring around it after their nightly bath. My wife
spent a lot of time scrubbing the tub daily just to get the ring out. She doesn’t do much
scrubbing anymore. Having the WaterMax System has helped her cut the time she needs to
spend cleaning and scrubbing to a minimum.

My wife and I both have extremely dry skin. Dry patches on our knees and elbows have
disappeared and painful skin cracking my wife was experiencing on her hands has improved
as well.

One of the things that I feared about water softening systems is the loss of water pressure that
usually accompanies them. But the design of the WaterMax System have put those fears to

From the initial installation to the overall performance of the system, My wife and I can’t say
enough to sing the praises of the Hague WaterMax System. We are happy with your product
and you can consider us a couple of extremely satisfied customers


George Baldovino