Testimonial – Anthony J. Vincolisi – Atascadero, CA

Testimonial – Anthony J. Vincolisi – Atascadero, CA

Dear Richard:

We’ve had our water system now for five months and wanted to
send this letter, as promised, to let you know what our experiences have
been with your water treatment system. .

You installed the Water Max 13 BEQ, the LC 30 RIO System,
ultra-violet and monitor in September 1999 and from day one ourwater
has had no odor and no deposits resulting in the best tasting water we
have ever had for drinking and cooking.

We moved into our new home in August ’99. During the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays we had friends and family visiting — everyone commented on how great the water tasted. They also
commented on how wonderfully soft the water was for bathing and
washing their hair. We even had someone ask our secret for keeping the
glass shower doors so clean.

The installation and brief follow up service was thorough and
professional and it was a pleasure doing business with you.

We’ve also been impressed with your soap products. As with your
water treatment system, each of your soap products, without exception,
has equaled or surpassed our expectations.

Thank you for bringing your superior products to our new home.


Anthony J. Vincolisi