Testimonial – Michael & Stacy Arthurs – Atascadero, CA

Testimonial – Michael & Stacy Arthurs – Atascadero, CA

Dear Bruce,

Before meeting with you, I knew I was not happy with the quality of our water. I could smell the
chlorine in the shower and in the tap water. I was buying bottled water thinking that was better for us than the tap. However you taught me a great lesson. When you poured clean drinking water into a cup then added soil from the bottom of your shoe and asked us to take a drink, we laughed. We “saw’ what you had done. Then when you tested our tap water which was 100 times dirtier than what you had just asked us to drink, we were blown away. We have been drinking water that we have not “seen” what has been done to it. Not only our chlorine-smelling tap water but the purchased bottled water. Our city claims that the chemicals used in our tap water is within safe limits but so did the water quality people in the movie “Erin Brocovich”. Luckily, I think we have made a good choice early enough in our children’s lives.

I am already seeing a difference in the smell and feel of the water. The detergents,
which I skeptically used, are working wonderful. I thought how could one ounce possibly clean my
clothes? Well it is.

Thank you Bruce for coming to our home and bringing this information to us. I’m sure
there are several families out there who are like us. They know there is something not right but aren’t taking steps to change it. I think though if we were all at the water treatment plant and saw the amount of chemicals being put in the water we drink, we would be taking immediate action to insure our families our drinking safe water.

Thank you,

Michael & Stacy Arthurs