Testimonial The Whalls Atascadero, CA

Testimonial The Whalls Atascadero, CA

To Whom it may concern-

We have lived in our home in Atascadero as a family for 9
years. I have lived in this home for 30 years. Our home had a water
softener that was supposed to softenr the water and be better on our
bodies and clothes. The clothes came out smelling dirty and musty
still and our skin still always suffered. I suffered from a hive like rash
every time I showered or washed my hands and had such dry skin
that I was applying lotion several times a day and still remaining dry
and itchy. My husband had an itchy scalp everyday, my daughter 7
had very dry itchy bumps on her skin, and our boys 6& 7 had very dry
skin and hair.

There was no way to change this problem we thought; until we
found out about Hague water products. When Dan came to our home
and tested our water, we could not believe the amount of chemicals
we were bathing in and washing our children in. The amount of soap
that was eaten away by the chemicals in the water and the grim on
the dishes, only made us wonder what was in our clothes. We
decided then and there to get Hague’s reverse osmosis system
hooked up right to the sink so we could own our own system and
stop paying a company to bring water and not have a large enough
supply to use to cook with and drink. We never run out of drinking
water, we use it in the coffee pot which looks cleaner and the coffee
tastes better. We use it to cook with and boil tea with- there is no
residue in the tea kettle and the pots do not have chemicals boiled to
the edges after boiling pasta water.

The water treatment system has changed our home!! I no
longer have dry Alligator skin, I apply lotion every two days and
actuallu stay soft. I have not broken out with the rash after showering
since we canged the water and the water does not burn my eyes
when washing my face. My husband does not have itchy scalp, my
daughter has not had any eczyma and is not itchy. My boys do not
have dry skin. I do not have a dish washer and my dishes look like
they went through a dish washer anyway! When the kids take a bath
there is bubbles for an hour and a half, the toilet stays clean and
sparkly for a week, the clothes do not smell after being washed and
there is bubbles. The sink water stays clean while I do the dishes
because the grim goes to the bottom and the clean bubbles stay at
the top. I can clean the dishes and still have hot bubble water waiting
after dinner to soak the dishes in. It is wonderful!. Hague water
systems have changed our living experience in this home after 30
years!!! We could not have made a better choice in changing from a
water softener to Hague water treatment!


The Whalls