Testimonial – Skip & Christy French – Atascadero, CA

Testimonial – Skip & Christy French – Atascadero, CA

It was evident, especially to my wife, that a soft water system was overdue. We
endured the extremely hard water of Atascadero for several years before
deciding to act.

I was admittedly skeptical about another sales pitch after sitting through several
presentations in the past which were not convincing enough to cause us to
purchase a system. Eric was different. He performed half a dozen
demonstrations which so clearly showed the advantages of soft water. There
really was no question we would purchase a system. No amount of talking
would have been as telling as seeing the difference soft water made with suds,
chlorine content, and overall water quality over city water. I watched Eric closely
and learned some interesting facts about soft and hard water. When he put
away the test tubes I had to agree that for the health of our house and
especially our family we would be switching back to soft water.

Our equipment was installed in a timely, professional manner within days. We
were quite anxious to begin feeling the difference of soft water and were not
disappointed. Additionally, we will reap the benefits of our system with every
load that passes through the washing machine. With less soap and water
required we will amortize our investment over time while contributing less
pollutants and heat to the environment.

Again, we recommend that Eric be given a chance to demonstrate his system
and products to those in the market for quality water. He believes in the
value of his system and products and I feel comfortable with the warranty and
service promised by his reputable company.

Skip and Christy French