Testimonial – Cathi Powers – Atascadero, CA

Testimonial – Cathi Powers – Atascadero, CA

Dear Richard,

During the Home Show in Paso Robles, my sister and I wandered into the Hague Water System booth and charted with you about your product. Being the great sales representative that you are you quickly signed us up for an in-home demonstration of
what Hague could do for us.

I was aware how bad the water in Atascadero is from the look of my sister’s dishes long
before I purchased my home here. I experienced the same with my dishes and had
discontinued using my dishwasher to clean my dishes. Your demonstration was
impressive and showed me just what was wrong with my water. I was familiar with what
a soft water conditioner could do but I liked the multiple filtering system of the Hague
Water Max.

I also purchased the Water Max RO system. My coffee has never tasted so good!

One other selling point £JI me was the warranty and the fact that I can take the units with
me to my next house if, and when, I should decide to move.

I thank you for your product and wish you continued success.


Cathi Powers