Testimonial Patrick & Diana Emmons San Miguel, CA

Testimonial Patrick & Diana Emmons San Miguel, CA

Richard Foronjy,

We want to express our thanks for the wonderful water system. Our water as you know was fairly hard and had a funny taste that I always attributed to
the dead lizards in the tank along with a variety of other critters. I drink a lot of water and the R. O. system never goes dry even when Patrick fills up his
huge jug to take out on the tractor all day. I also fill the animal dishes with R. O. water so they get the good stuff too.

It is so nice to go to the store and not have to haul those heavy water containers out to the car. I am really enjoying all of the other benefits of soft
water too. My scalp no longer itches like crazy, my clothes look cleaner and of course bathes are really a pleasure .. We love the soap products you gave us too.

I want to commend the installers on their troubleshooting abilities; they really had a job here with these thick adobe walls that go all the way to the
ground. I really was worried for a bit that they wouldn’t be able to run the lines and we wouldn’t be able to run the electrical. But they figured it all out
and were so professional and very good about explaining everything. They really are a great bunch of guys.

Thanks for everything!

Patrick and Diana Emmons