Testimonial Michael & Ellen Hudson San Miguel, CA

Testimonial Michael & Ellen Hudson San Miguel, CA

Dear Bill:

We are most delighted with our new water system and the fact that
everything that you promised was delivered.

Not only was the installation painless, it was done efficiently and
cheerfully and in a timely fashion. The extra faucet for car washing
was installed, a tank for an ancient solar system was removed and
someone besides me climbed under the house to deal with the
ice maker water supply.

We really expected to be pleased with the quality of water. But we
have been more than pleased. Maybe because we dealt with such
lousy water for so long, the improvement in water-quality was so
great as to be startling. For weeks, every clean glass from the
dishwasher, every head of really clean hair, was paraded before the

Thank you for the great product and the wonderful service.

Best Regards,

Michael and Ellen Hudson