Testimonial Jeff & Suzy Wright Paso Robles, CA

Testimonial Jeff & Suzy Wright Paso Robles, CA

Dear Eric:

We would like to thank you and Hague Quality Water for outstanding service and
products. The Hague Watermax System has greatly improved the quality of our daily

Before the watermax system was installed, we could taste, feel, and see the poor quality
of water in our home. Our water used to taste like metal. It was drying our skin and
leaving hard water spots and residue everywhere.

Now, our water tastes great, and we no longer need to buy bottled water to drink in our
home. Coffee, Tea, and foods taste better when cooking with our Hague quality water. We
also use less soaps and detergents for cleaning. There are no water spots left on our
dishes and glass shower doors. Our skin and hair feels soft and smooth. No more hard
water buildup around our faucets. No need to dry dishes or squeegee showers after each

We were also impressed with the professional installation. The installer was very
knowledgeable about the system and did a nice, clean installation. He was courteous and
professional. There have been no issues with the system and its performance at all.

We strongly. recommend Hague. Quality Water to our neighbors.and anyone who wants
the benefits of quality water. We were skeptical at first about the difference it would
make, but now our quality of life has improved so much, we could never go back to using
our old water. Hague Quality Water does make a difference.


Jeff and Suzy Wright