Testimonial Debbie Wheeler Paso Robles, CA

Testimonial Debbie Wheeler Paso Robles, CA

Getting our water softener and RO systems from Hague was the smartest decision we could have
made. The free cleaning products we received were a welcome bonus and made the transition
from hard to soft water even more amazing.

The Hague water softening system is very easy to maintain. Adding salt is a simple matter and
depending on the size of household may be as infrequently as 4 times a year. When we move,
it can move with us, which is a good thing because we will never live with hard water again!
Since moving to Nipomo 7 years ago we have had to replace shower heads several times due to
hard water corrosion. We expect our other plumbing fixtures will also benefit from our new
water softener by Hague.

The RO (reverse osmosis) system by Hague is wonderful for coffee, tea and re filling are
reusable water bottles. Before our Hague RO system was installed we were at Cost co every
other week buying water to make our coffee and tea with. We also had to purchase several
cases of small bottles for drinking. Now we only have to buy water when we travel.

To say the least, we love our Hague water softener and RO system.

Sincerely, Debbie Wheeler and Melinda Kroeker