Testimonial – David Eigenhuis – Atascadero, CA

Testimonial – David Eigenhuis – Atascadero, CA

Dear Eric,

I had been looking into purchasing a water softener for a while when I spotted the little Hague sign on the corner of one of your previous customer’s property. At the time, I did not know anything about Hague. When I called your office and you offered to come test our water and discuss you treatment system for free. Being ever leery of salesmen I was ready for a big sales pitch and distorted facts. I was very surprised by the lack of the big sales pitch and no pressure. I appreciate all the information you gave us and the time you spent explaining the package to us.

I was very surprised to find out that the Hague Water Max removed the chlorine in addition to softening the water. To think your system did everything the other water softening system did and more. The right choice was a no brainer. We have been in our house for 3 years and in that time the hard water has ruined all of our glassware and a new dishwasher. Now that we have your water system, the glassware always comes out sparkling, and with so little detergent, too. I am still amazed at how long it now takes to go through a little bar of bath soap. I even get a much better lather.

My wife’s big test was to compare the taste of the water from our old RO unit to the new RO unit. Was she ever impressed! Recently, we went over to a friends’ house and she had a glass of water. She had always wanted our water to taste as good as that of our friends. She told me after we got home that their water did not taste as good as ours now. She did not realize how spoiled she had become over the last month.

I would like to say how great it was to have Paul install the water system. He was friendly, informative, and did an outstanding job! Everything he worked on was done professionally and looked neat and clean. He was more than happy to work around some of our plumbing problems. He even left extra stubs on the pipes to make it easier some plumbing I will do later.

In short THANK YOU! It has been a pleasure and I would highly recommend this system and your services to anyone.


David Eigenhuis