Testimonial – Barbara Gunn – Atascadero, CA

Testimonial – Barbara Gunn – Atascadero, CA

Dear Eric:

I want to take this opportunity to relate some of the benefits we’ve
noticed after purchasing the Hague water treatment system from you.
Both Barbara and I have noticed the differences in the water that we drink
as well as the water that we shower with.

We noticed right away that we’re using less soap to get the lather
we want. That coupled with the “silkie” feel that Barb likes so well make
the system a two-time winner.

Less noticeable but no less important is the fact that it now take.s
less soap to get the jobs done. Even though it isn’t so noticeable, we did
get proof that everything works better with clean water. Barb accidentally
put some hand dish soap in the dish washer, proof that soft water really lathers up well!

Prior to getting the Hague system we had stopped using our
dishwasher because the glasses were coming out so filmy that they still
looked dirty. Now the glasses are sparkling regularly again and without any clean rinse additives.

Torn Gunn
Barbara Gunn