Testimonial – Susan Yost – Arroyo Grande, CA

Testimonial – Susan Yost – Arroyo Grande, CA

Re: Hague Watermax

Dear Eric:

I am writing to tell you how very happy we are with our Hague Watermax. When we moved to the area 2 years ago, I found that my skin and hair were very dry and unmanageable. Also, my clothes didn’t seem to be getting as clean as they used to. We had a water softener in our new home but it just didn’t seem to be doing the job.

Immediately after the installation of our Watermax we noticed the difference in several areas. My skin and hair are back to being soft and manageable. My clothes are noticeably whiter after washing. No water drops showing up on the glasses in the dishwasher. The same was true for our cars when washed. We are extremely pleased with your product and would readily recommend it to your potential customers.


Susan G. Yost