Testimonial Stephen Babcock Los Osos, CA

Testimonial Stephen Babcock Los Osos, CA

Hague Water has been great to work with. They met all our expectations when it came to our
water in our house. We would recommend them to anyone who needs clean healthy water.

Hague Water was there at every turn if we had any questions. Hague also went out of their way
to get the right system when we needed a change from salt to potassium chloride. The technicians that
came to our house explained all the changes and we have been very happy with the system.

Our family feels the quality of service from Hague as been top notch from the very start. As a
new home owner we feel this system will protect our investment and it is our feeling that Hague Water
has help in the overall quality of health of our family. We would like to thank Hague for helping with
expanding our quality of life.


Stephen Babcock, Principal Planner