Testimonial – Roger & Tecia Kline – Atascadero, CA

Testimonial – Roger & Tecia Kline – Atascadero, CA

Appreciation Letter to Hague Quality Water

I grew up in Atascadero, so I know first hand that the hardness of Atascadero water is ridiculously high.
The tap water is undrinkable and if left untreated causes calcium build-up in the pipes and hot water
heater, which ends up costing extra $$. This water leaves calcium deposits (scales) all over the bathroom
fixtures, your car when you wash it, the clean dishes, and is virtually un-drinkable even when filtered.
The dissolved solids tested at 600 pre-filter and 450 post-filter using a Brita. Our ice was solid white and
always left “floaties” at the bottom of our cups when melted.

We recently purchased a home in Atascadero and a top priority was to deal with the water problem. I
had a Culligan system in my home growing up, but don’t like the fact that they require their systems to
be serviced and filters switched out only by Culligan specialists … so after doing extensive research,
Hague seemed like they had the best system available on the central coast. Other company’s whole
house treatment systems have multiple tanks, whereas Hague had a unique system where each step
occurred one after the other within the same tank. This is amazing, especially when you consider the
pressure drop that happens when you go from filter to filter to filter. We set up and appointment, Eric
the sales rep was professional and patient with us, answering all of our questions.

We settled on getting a soft water system and reverse osmosis that fit snugly under our kitchen sink and
after letting it settle in for a few days the water is amazing!’ We’ve had the system in for about two
weeks now and are very satisfied. The ice cubes are clear and no longer leave “floaties” in our drinking
water, the water tastes great, and the dishwasher doesn’t leave hard water spots all over the dishes
anymore! The soft water feels so much better on our skin, and my wife has commented how much better
it feels when she’s cleansing her face and skin. Soap lathers up better, so we’re using less soap to give
our boys baths. We no longer have to squeegee the glass shower when we’re done showering, because it
doesn’t spot anymore!

My wife has never had soft water or reverse osmosis before and she’s very grateful for having this in the
house. She’s 36 weeks pregnant right now and is able to drink 3x as much water each day now because it
is so much better than before. We are definitely recommending Hague to our family and friends. Thank
you Hague Quality Water! 🙂


Roger & Tecia Kline