Testimonial Robert & Melody Zaida Goleta, CA

Testimonial Robert & Melody Zaida Goleta, CA

February 27, 2005

We just wanted to thank you and let you know how very happy we are with our Hague Water Max
System and the RIO unit drinking water system we recently had installed.

In January, my husband Robert and my two youngest kids went to the Santa Barbara Home Show,
There they met Richard, educating people about the additives in our drinking water and the benefits of your softener{cleaner system. We had a RIO unit for better tasting drinking water and to remove water contaminants. We thought our drinking water was clean. Robert asked for a home analysis.

On January 28, 2005, Brian Flannigan came to our house and tested our water. We were surprised
to see that the chlorine levels were close to that of a swimming pool! Our water hardness was almost twice the normal limit, and the total dissolved solids were a disgusting 408 ppml YUCK!. And our RO unit wasn’t much better. Brian was very nice and allowed our kids to help with the testing, they enjoyed it very much. Our 10 year old son Jeremy asked if he could stop drinking water because he was “grossed out” by the scientific evidence of the impurities in our water. As were we all, But we were still not sure, we had other “vendors” slated for demonstrations. Brian explained that the other “vendors” softeners did not remove impurities like the Hague Water Max System, but if we just wanted a water softener he could show us the benefits of Hague’s Water Softener v.s, other’s equipment. I have been dragging my feet about a water softener because of what I term “the slimy factor” I have always associated with “soft” water. Brian explained that the advantage of the Hague Water Max System was adjustability, enabling us to add a few grains of hardness to the water to our preference. That along with water purity; how could we not? I was sold.

February 1st was installation day I Paul from Hague Water Systems arrived, a very nice, friendtly
man who knows his job! After finishing the installation and making sure I understood everything, he left with a smile, leaving behind our home as clean as he found it; with improved plumbing in our garage and a beautiful neat installation. Paul even placed the R{O unit in the garage above the house system as we requested, instead of under the sink, freeing up space in the house. Paul also explained that he hooked up our refrigerator directly to the R{O unit so we no longer needed a filter for the refrigerator.

As a nurse and a mother of a child with allergies and chronic severe asthma, it is comforting for me to know that our water is now truly clean. Now when 1 bathe my daughter, her lungs will not be irritated by the vapors of the chemical additives and impurities in our water, nor will she be subjected to the dissolved solids and chemicals that before, were being absorbed through her skin.

The stellar customer service and obvious care and concern for our families needs by the Hague
Quality Water Family, has made this experience one we will use and remember daily. We have already shared with family, friends and co-workers, the benefits of the clean water our new Hague Water Max System provides. In a world full of contaminates in our air, water) and food; we can think of no better step a person can take to decrease the risks to their health and increase their quality of life for themselves and their family than installing a Hague Quality Water System.


Robert and Melody Zaida