Testimonial Marcus Wilson Orcutt, CA

Testimonial Marcus Wilson Orcutt, CA

To Whom It May Concern:

We first heard about Hague Water from a trade show in Santa Maria. They offered a free
water test. We had just moved into a new house and figured “why not”.

When we sat down and started doing the test it became clear that we did not want to drink
or shower in the water we were using any more. Maybe sometimes ignorance is bliss? In
any case the next concern was the cost. Since we had just purchased a home we were
house rich and cash poor. Initially the total rates offered were way out of our budget.
However with a little patience the Hague water rep was able to come up with a plan
financially where we could have the water we realized we now really wanted.

The sales process was not a negative experience. We never felt pushed into buying the
system and we are very glad to have made this purchase.

Installation we thought was going to be a breeze. However when the installer came out it
became apparent that this was going to be a difficult installation. Holes had to be drilled
in the wall and pipes had to be ran and the attic had to be accessed. In fact the only thing the installer asked for was a glass of water after a very difficult 6 hour installation. (we offered to buy him lunch)

The water quality has been excellent. We love the clean feeling after showers and when
washing our hands. We have a tropical fish tank and the RO water has helped us save
both trips to the fish store and money to purchase the water. The soap will go a long way
and has led to us not having to purchase soap products at the store.

Marcus Wilson