Testimonial Karen Titone Paso Robles, CA

Testimonial Karen Titone Paso Robles, CA

I thought a tumor had grown in my throat, two weeks after I had moved into my
new home. As we were organizing from the move, two Hague water salesmen came
to our door. They were pleasant, so we listened as they gave us some local water
information. They really opened our eyes about the water in our home.

By now I was thinking that maybe the water here had affected my throat. It felt like
the lump you get when you want to cry but don’t. I have no allergies I know of.

I immediately stopped drinking the water in our house but the throat problem still
existed. I stopped showering in the chlorinated water as well. So now what do I do?

Well, we had the Hague system installed in our home. It will save us money in soap
products, maintenance, and protect our heath. Finally the lump was gone! The new
water was amazing.

I realize now there wasn’t a lump, it was just my throat closing up in reaction to the
chlorine and possibly other things that shouldn’t be in my water. It’s probably natures
way to stop in-coming poisons from going down my throat.

A few days later we were landscaping in our back yard. As I was throwing fertilizer
down I noticed the throat problem again. I realized it must have been some fertilizer in
my water that caused the reaction. So I think poop is made to go out not come in with
water you drink.

I guess it sounds like I’m advertising for the Hague company. You bet I am! Thanks
Bruce & Bill for the great water and peace of mind. The Hague system is all you said
it would be.

Take Care of Yourselves,

Karen Titone