Testimonial John and Sharon Young Paso Robles CA

Testimonial John and Sharon Young Paso Robles CA

Dear Bruce,

Thank you for introducing us to the Hague water system. We have been using the water conditioning unit and the reverse osmosis system for a little over two months now and are impressed with it today as we were the first day we used it.

We have had water softeners in other homes we have lived in and they seemed adequate. However, when we moved to Paso Robles we noticed that the water was of exceptionally poor quality and the water softeners didn’t take out the strong odors in the water.

We were impressed with your demonstration and decided to give your system a try. To our pleasant surprise the Hague system has eliminated the water odor and bad taste. Our teenage sons wouldn’t drink water at our last house because of the odor, but now they comment on how good the water tastes and that it doesn’t smell.

They (and us) drink several glasses of water a day now without the bad smell or taste, and without worrying about what chemicals are lurking in our drinking water. The water stains in my teapot are gone too! The water conditioning cycle is short. Less than half the time of our other water softeners. Everything you promised us has been realized.

The cleaning products that we received have been wonderful! The whole family loves the oatmeal soap. And the laundry soap, dishwasher soap and other products work wonderfully.

We are thrilled with the Hague water system and recommend it to anyone who asks.

Thank you,

John and Sharon Young

Paso Robles, CA