Testimonial Jason & Cheryl Jennings Los Osos, CA

Testimonial Jason & Cheryl Jennings Los Osos, CA

Dear Eric,

We want to thank you for the great Hague water purification system. We have been very
pleased with it and right away noticed our softer skin and cleaner hair. We enjoy using a
small amount of soap and achieving a big impact. This will truly save us countless dollars
over the life of the water system.

But what truly surprised us was what happened to our drinking glasses, plates &
silverware. First of all, we moved to this area a year ago, and within three months of that
move, all of our drinking glasses had turned cloudy. A few months later, we noticed that
all of our plates and bowls as well as our silverware had developed a cloudy film. We
tried to scrub it off by hand but it would not come off When we showed it to our friends,
they told us that the hard water had etched the glasses and plates and the only solution
would be to buy all new plates and glasses. Well, luckily we had not yet bought these
because within a week of installing our Hague water system the glasses began to clear up.
By the end of the first month, we had clear, beautiful glasses that looked like we had just
bought them in a store. Then we noticed the same dramatic results with our plates and
bowls and silverware. Thank you for restoring the luster to these items.

The added bonus was the reverse osmosis drinking water system which is fantastic. We
love the flavor of the water. It’s also great not having to constantly buy bottled water or
Brita filters from the store. We love the clean water in our ice cubes as well. This is the
first time we have ever had ice cubes that did not have a funny smell to them. It makes all
of our beverages so delicious. And, with a two year old in the house, pure drinking water
gives us peace of mind.

Thank you for all you personal service.


Jason and Cheryl Jennings