Testimonial Ian McPhee Templeton, CA

Testimonial Ian McPhee Templeton, CA

Dear Bruce,

I would like to thank you for introducing me to the Hague way of solving water problems. As you know I had a softening system here. It used twice the amount of salt and didn’t produce the quality water the Hague unit does. The glasses, plates, and silverware all are spotless with less products needed. This is a large savings. Our coffee and sodas taste better with the chlorine and chemicals removed from the water as well. My customers can even tell the difference.

The installation was professional and eye pleasing with attention to every detail. Your personal monitoring of the unit to insure its 100% performance truly shows your commitment to the Hague product and to
me. When I called with a question or problem I get an immediate response either by phone or in person. I know this company and you are truly there for me, how refreshing to have these standards in business today.

I would recommend the Hague company and products to anyone who insists on the very best water for themselves .their families or their business.


Ian McPhee