Testimonial The Horton Family Creston, CA

Testimonial The Horton Family Creston, CA

To Richard and Hague Quality Water-

My husband and I live in Creston which is notorious for having bad water. We have lived in our home
for 4 years and also “lived with” the bad water from our well. Although we are lucky and do not have
the sulfur smell that others in our area do, we have orange-tinted, murky, hard water that stains sinks
and toilets within 2 days, left white scale in our swamp cooler and refrigerator door, left dishes foggy
looking, and stained our white laundry yellow. Before we had company over, we always made a mad
dash through the house cleaning sinks and toilets and running water through the guest bathroom sink
that would spit out rust colored water because it wasn’t used regularly. Our water was embarrassing!

It was always our dream to someday install a whole-house water filter and to have clean water but the
dream was becoming more of a necessity because I was 8 months pregnant and we didn’t want to have
to bathe our baby in orange, murky water. We had always planned on saving money and installing a
system on our own.

In August, 2010 we were visiting the California Mid-State fair and saw the Hague Quality Water booth
which had water softeners and filtering systems on display. It was there that we met Richard Foronjy.
Richard was confident that the Hague Quality Water filtration system could solve all of our issues with
our poor water and even met us at our home later that week. Richard took the time to look at our
water tank, toilets, sinks, reverse osmosis system, and refrigerator water and ice maker. Richard tested
our water for hardness and cleanliness. We had so many questions and concerns and Richard spent so
much time explaining our options that he was at our home from 6:00 to 11:30 that night!

Even though it was a hard financial decision to make with a baby coming in a couple of weeks, we were
so impressed that we decided to purchase the system. The other systems we had looked into required a
lot of maintenance and multiple, expensive filters that had to be replaced regularly. The Hague Quality
Water team was at our house the next week installing a filter, softener, and a new reverse osmosis
system. We thought we would have our filtering system installed and would be on our way to crystal
clear water but because our water was so bad, Richard and his team visited us three more times over
the next two months. We were in constant communication with Richard until our system was working
absolutely perfectly. We ended up needing the Hague filtering system and an ozonator in our water
tank which we installed 3 weeks before our baby was born. We had expected that our water would be
improved by our new filter and ozonator but our expectations were far exceeded-we now have crystal
clear, soft, perfect water.

Looking back, we never realized the burden that our bad water was causing on us and our home. I am
not a fussy person and though I could deal with the bad water we had; a water filtering system seemed
like a luxury to me. Little did I know how much I would enjoy and benefit from the Hague Quality water
system as well. It has been the best investment in our home thus far. We have been so impressed by

We now wash our clothes in crystal clear water, the soft water has done wonders for our skin and hair,
our dishes come out sparkling, we use one tenth the amount of cleaning products, our irrigation lines no
longer build up orange gunk, our toilets no longer have hard water build up or orange stains, and our
shower pipes no longer build up orange residue.

the Hague Quality water company. They spent so much time and effort on our part to ensure that we
got exactly what we wanted. We have never dealt with a company that cared so much about their
customer’s satisfaction. We highly recommend the Hague Quality water system to anyone with less
than perfect water. By purchasing the Hague Quality water system you will get just that-PERFECT

Our daughter Tessa Rose Horton was born on October s”. We proudly brought our newborn home and
washed her in crystal clear water! What a relief that was. She loves bath time and we love the fact that
we don’t have to worry about the water that she baths in, plays in, and drinks.

Thank you Richard and everyone at Hague Quality Water!


The Horton Family